Client Comments-Sonia Dixon - Individual and Relationship Counselling

What some clients have said . . . . .

The most helpful aspect of the counselling I received was the warm spaced created by Sonia. It felt so safe, empathic and accepting, that I was able to be totally open which really helped me.
Sonia is a brilliant counsellor, I felt safe, heard, respected and understood.  It was a fantastic experience having counselling with Sonia and she really helped me explore what I wanted to look at in a kind gentle and friendly way.
Sonia asked questions which helped me explore my thoughts & feelings very well.  I would recommend Sonia to anybody who is considering counselling.
Sonia’s friendly attitude and ability to make me feel comfortable when talking about problems was most helpful; encouragement when and where required.  I found it personally very helpful in moving forward.
Sonia is clearly a very experienced counsellor. She immediately made me feel at ease and I always left the session feeling like I'd moved a bit further out of my confusion and distress. The art-based exercises were especially helpful at times when I felt stuck and couldn't express my feelings with words. (please see Creativity for more information about my use of  'art-based exercises' - Sonia)
I initially came for support through a difficult time (relationship break-up), but the sessions helped me to release and resolve much deeper and long-standing issues. I feel like a new person!
I would absolutely recommend Sonia to others, she has enabled me to fully explore my life and way of being in a completely safe and accepting environment.
I have made so many positive changes and found resources I didn't know I had during my time in counselling with Sonia. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a counsellor to work with.
What was most helpful? The ability to talk through moments of intense self-doubt with someone who I knew understood.  Thank you for being patient with me!
I felt listened to and empowered.  I was very thankful to find Sonia and feel that seeing her regularly has helped me deal effectively with the life changing issues I was facing.
These client views were expressed through the on-line client feedback form. Consent was given for comments to be shared anonymously.
Thank you to all clients who have given their feedback, it is greatly appreciated.  Sonia.