Creativity-Sonia Dixon - Individual and Relationship Counselling

Creativity in counselling


You don't have to be good at Art!! (phew!)

Using creativity in counselling can help clients to express what they are feeling, without the need to put it into words.


The images created can give you new ways of seeing yourself or understanding your world, which can lead to increased self-awareness, personal growth and psychological healing.

As a Person-Centred Counsellor I do not interpret the client's image, instead I work with each client, enable them to explore their image and whatever meaning it may have for them.

Sometimes a scribble or shape may be made to express a feeling; therefore the creating of the image in itself can also have therapeutic value.

How I use Creativity in my Counselling - (It's not for everyone!)


I have various materials available inaday my counselling room, crayons, oil pastels, felt tip pens (Sorry no paints).  I also have a sand tray and a selection of small figures which can be used to create different images or scenes together with some natural objects, pebbles, shells etc.

Some clients choose to work creatively because they like to express themselves visually, in which case we can focus heavily on the use of art materials in our work.  However, other clients may choose to come for person-centred counselling, but may find it helpful to use drawing or sand tray work when they find something particularly difficult to express, feel stuck, or just feel like looking at things from a different perspective. 

I am happy for you to decide how you would like to work, you can choose to work creatively a lot, a little or not at all, but please don't be afraid to ask to give it a try if you would like to.  I have additional training in using creativity with individuals and couples.

Fees are the same as for standard counselling, see Times/Prices page for more information.

(images used are examples for illustrative purposes only - not actual client work due to boundaries of confidentiality)